Three Perfect Days in Yosemite Valley


Panaramic view from Clouds Rest

Yes it was 95 degrees in the Valley.  Yes there were hordes of people on this mid summer weekend.  But you know what – it didn’t matter – we still had a fantastic weekend in one of the greatest outdoor playgrounds on earth.  On Friday morning, Kristin, Autumn and I packed up the family station wagon and made a B-line for Yosemite Valley.  We spent three perfect days running, swimming, and napping to our hearts content.  A Burrell Family Vacation.

The view from Glacier Point

The view from Glacier Point

On this trip i was lucky enough to tackle the three major climbs out of the Valley: 1) Yosemite Falls Trail to Yosemite Point on the north rim, 2) Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point on the south rim, and 3) The Mist Trail to Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, and ultimately Clouds Rest.  All three climb at least 3000+ ft (6000+ ft in the case of Clouds Rest) with incredible views of Half Dome, the waterfalls, and other valley landmarks.   I would go so far as to say the Yosemite Falls trail and the Mist Trail are two of the best short hikes (or runs) in the world.  No exaggeration.

The Mist Trail

The Mist Trail

Given the temperature, we got our runs in early in the morning (and late in the evening) and spent most of the time in between down at the Merced River, soaking our legs and splashing in the water with Autumn.  She loved throwing rocks in the water while watching the ducks and boats float by.

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Three Perfect Days in Yosemite Valley

  1. Stunning pictures! Thanks for this, it’s making me amped for some Yosemite runs (given I can find a place to sleep…)

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