Marin Ultra Challenge 50km

Inspired by last weekend’s Western States, i decided to undertake an ultra of my own last weekend here in my own backyard of the Marin Headlands.  I love sprinkling these local events into my training calender throughout the running season; they are the kind of races you can get up for an hour before the start, eat a quick breakfast, and pick up your bib 10 minutes before the gun goes off and be guaranteed a beautiful course and as hard of a workout as you desire.  Inside Trail Racing did an excellent job planning and marking a challenging but scenic course through the Marin Headlands and the lower slopes of Mt Tam.  It featured over 6500 ft of climbing over the 32+ miles, but the cool, foggy weather, beautiful scenery, and camaraderie of friends made for a fun day out on the trails.  Check out the wicked course profile on Strava.

It was only my fourth ultra ever and I was pleased to come away with a win while running what felt to be a comfortable and sustainable pace.  It’s a nice little confidence booster as i head into my next block of training.

Finishing the Marin Ultra Challenge 50km


And this picture, caught by a secret photographer, pretty much sums up what I am so grateful for this summer. Little autumn’s feet are just barely visible in the middle!

Tanford Tahoe photo



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