Preamble to Fatherhood

Well, i’ve been a dad for a week now.

After barely 5 hours of labor on Wednesday February 22, my amazing wife gave birth to a little girl.  In a matter of hours, the great mystery of who the little person was that had been so expertly nestled in her belly for 9 months was revealed.  In that same amount of time, I went from being an unsuspecting naive young man to being an unsuspecting naive young father.  I now have a daughter to look at, to hold, and to (attempt to) comfort. As she lies next to me in her cocoon like swaddling cloth, the notion of what it means to be her father still feels a little uncertain, yet utterly gratifying. The following quote from the book Crawling: A Father’s First Year says it best:

In the back of my mind I knew I’d have children someday.  I just didn’t know how to get there with any grace. I was on one side of a canyon, aware the I’d be on the other side, but had no clue how to make the bridge.  And now, i am on the other side, and there was no bridge, just this wild biological leap of faith (and some discussion, some unprotected sex).  Here i am, a parent. I’m teetering on the edge of the other side though. I have to learn how to be a parent, to care for this baby.  It’s terrifying.

But i think i’m getting warmed up to it.  For now, i’ll follow my instincts, which tell me this: don’t drop her.  keep her safe.  give her nourishment and warmth.  love the heck out of her!


5 thoughts on “Preamble to Fatherhood

  1. Galen – congrats to you and your family. I know it is hopelessly cliche, but at some point you look up and the wash of the moments has gone by like a raging river. They are walking, then reading, then doing pre-calculus, driving, and …eh, you get the idea. Enjoy these moments, every one. Drink em up.

  2. Wow! So beautiful! I’m so happy you two beautiful souls are now three!! I must connect with you soon!! I can’t wait to see you two, all grown up and parents now, and to see the amazing creation of a being that is a little of each of you, such magic!

  3. Excellent take on fatherhood, so early in the unfolding. The warmth and constant good vibes that Autumn is getting from both of you will help her to get her bearings and secure footing off to a doubly good start.

    The feet picture makes me smile, yet I see Autumn’s little hands touching both of you and she already loves and trusts her post-womb parental connections!

  4. Gee Gee!! I love you sooo much!!! I can’t believe your a father now! I can’t wait to see little baby Autumn! It feels like just yesterday you were running around mom and dads house chasing me and Maeven 🙂 I can’t wait to see you in May


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