Tourist Clubbing

Maybe when i become a father i'll stop taking pictures while driving...

These last couple weeks have felt like I’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern.    Our baby’s due date — the biggest, most exciting, most frightening event of our lives — looms ahead of us in a matter of weeks, if not days (more on that in the next post).  And meanwhile, the achilles injury i suffered over a month ago continues to keep me out of commission on the running front.  But that holding pattern is sure to give way to exciting changes ahead.  The achilles is slowly coming around (fingers crossed) and the bun will be out of the oven in no time.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting out on some fun day trips in the Bay Area to take advantage of our waning days of independence.  On Saturday we drove up to the Sonoma Coast, about 1.5 hours north of Mill Valley.  This is a beautiful stretch of coast with dozens of small beaches connected by rocky bluffs and crashing surf.  It can be appreciated from the comfort of one’s car while driving the infamous Highway 1, or better yet, hiking the 3.5 mile Kortum trail.

Sonoma Coast

On the way back we stopped at Nicks Cove for a roadside lunch, which in this part of the state means oysters and wine.  Unfortunately, these are two things that Kristin isn’t supposed to eat while pregnant, but we found a couple other bits and pieces for her to enjoy.  Nicks Cove is almost too picturesque for its own good.  As if the restaurant’s location on the waterfront were not enough, it also has a small boat house at the end of the long dock, where more adventurous diners can enjoy their bivalves and rose surrounded by the ocean on all sides.  The whole structure gently rocks with the rhythm of the waves, and a wood stove keeps the place feeling warm and cozy.

The Boathouse at Nicks Cove

The Boathouse at Nicks Cove

Inside the boat house

Rose always tastes better outside


Saturday was a tough act to follow, but with friends visiting from San Francisco and LA, we put on our tour guide hats and headed for the hills.   On a sunny day in Marin, there is no better place to take visitors than the Tourist Club.  Nestled in the redwoods on the lower slopes of Mt Tam, the Tourist Club is a privately operated Bavarian style clubhouse, reached only by trail.  Visitors are welcome to hike in on weekends and enjoy a pint (or pitcher) of German beers out on the sunny deck overlooking Muir Woods.  The scene is remarkable.

The Tourist Club

Walking the Sun Trail to the Tourist Club

We finished the outing with a quick trip to the top of Mt Tam to enjoy the views of the City, before heading over the Golden Gate bridge for a nice dinner at Aziza.  Aziza has one of the best cocktail menus in the City, and their Michelin starred California-Moroccan food aint bad either.  It was a great day out with friends, in a place we continue to be proud to call home.

View of the city from the summit of Mt Tam


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