Something in the air

Maybe it’s the rainy weather.

Maybe it’s the 49ers reaching the NFC championships.

Maybe it’s the sudden onset of achilles tendonitis last week (more on that later).

Or, maybe it’s the notion that I will be a dad in less than 2 months.

Whatever it is, something apocalyptic in the air has finally signaled the need to invest in our first earthquake preparedness kit.  I know it sounds morbid, but it’s something that every Bay Area resident should to have on hand, in the event that the big one finally strikes.  I’ve lived here for a total of 3 years now, and have never made any such provisions.  The time has finally come.

It comes as no surprise that in a foodie town like San Francisco, people go all out with their earthquake kits.  Nothing like a fine bottle of Chateneuf du Pape and some home made sea salt caramels to ease the stress of the world collapsing around you.

Personally, the idea of storing a bunch of expensive and delicious food that will, in all likelihood never get eaten, seems like a waste and almost invites disaster to strike.  So i defied all my foodie sensibilities, and assembled the anti-gourmand earthquake kit, all purchased from Target (oh the horror).

Campbell’s canned chicken noodle soup.  (no, not this, vacuum sealed in canning jars)
Jack Link’s Beef Jerkey.   (no, not this)
Bag of plain almonds.   (no, not this)
Jif brand (*gasp*) peanut butter (no, not this)
Generic honey in one of those bear squeeze bottles (no, not this)
1lb of Toblerone milk chocolate (no, not this)
Triscuits (no, not these)
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (not sure why i even got these considering the stockpile of energy bars in the cupboard…)
5 gallon jugs of water. (no, not this)
1 gallon of grape juice (no, not this)

So i was happy that i was able resist the foodie forces that are constantly at play in the Bay Area, for once.  And maybe by assembling a rather unapetizing cache of food supplies, it will somehow repel the forces of an earthquake.

But if not, at least we have an entire wine cellar to help wash down that Jif with.

Go ‘niners!


2 thoughts on “Something in the air

  1. You actually really sound like dad with that list! I love all the links – how much foodie thought went into the non-foodie list? Question – is this stockpile for you or the whole new family? Granted, microbaby burrell won’t need anything for a while but what about K?

  2. I think Kristin might want Peanut M & M’s as a non-foodie item. What about that kind of gum that cleans your teeth. A couple of flashlights/batteries. A swiss army knife (even though you won’t need the corkscrew appendage). It is depressing to think about, but preparedness and a plan is one way to lighten that thought.

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