On the Run – Another Week in Paradise

One of my Christmas presents this year was an ultra-compact camera given to me by Kristin for the sole purpose of taking pictures on my runs.   As my dad is fond of saying, “the best camera in the world is the one you bring with you”.  As a runner, that means size is paramount.  The Canon Elph 300 is about the size of a deck of cards and fits nicely in a small waste pack, or better yet, in your hand with the draw string wrapped around your wrist.  This picture shows the beauty of this camera in action… you can’t even tell it’s there in my hand.

The camera has the side benefit of keeping things mellow during this phase of base building.  There is a temptation to go out hard this time of year when i’ve feeling strong and inspired.  Having the camera in my hand forces me to stop and appreciate the scenery a bit.   And there is no shortage of that around here.  Here’s a recap of this last week in pictures, one of the finest weeks of running in recent memory.  A total of 80 miles, and 13,365 ft of vertical.

Favorite runs this week on Strava:

Around Mt Tam Loop, 19 mi, 4000+ ft vertical

Muir Beach Loop, 15 mi, 3500+ ft vertical

Coyote Ridge Trail

Coyote Ridge Trail


Muir Beach

Muir Beach


"Topher's cutoff" from Muir Beach

"Topher's cutoff" from Muir Beach. Named after Topher Gaylord who first showed it to me.


The Owl Trail

The Owl Trail


Mt Biker on Coastal View Trail

Random Mt Biker on Coastal View Trail


Choices, choices

The choices we are confronted with on the trail.


The Sun Trail, by day

The Sun Trail, by day


Moon rise over the Sun Trail

The Sun Trail, by night (full moon!)


The trail that begins at my driveway.

The trail that begins at my driveway on Janes St.


Pixie Trail

Sunrise on the Pixie Trail


Railroad Grade on Mt Tam

The things you see in Mill Valley.


Had to lean far to get this shot

Not a bad commute. Had to hang over the bridge a ways to get this shot.


Crissy Field

Crissy Field. One of my favorite places in the city.



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