Building Strength

While i’m taking some down time from running volume, i’ve been doing some thinking about what i can do improve for next year.  I’ll ponder some ideas for next year in a future post, but my number one priority is always to not get injured.  Most people would say that goals should be positive statements, and i get that, but for me everything else is secondary to not getting injured.  When i’m injured, i’m way less happy than if i perform poorly in a race or have a bad week of training.

So with that in mind, i’ve started a core strength routine that i recently came across (thanks to Matt Flaherty for posting!).  I’ll be doing this buildup for the next 8 weeks or so, and hopefully will have the discipline to continue throughout the season.

Best of all, you get a nice view of the flatirons while watching these videos!  (they’re filmed at the Fairview High School track in Boulder where i used to spend quite a bit of time doing strides.  oh the memories)

Jay Johnson’s Eight Week General Strength Program


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